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Renaissance Hat

The perfect hat for a renaissance fair or a costume. Wear these hats at your next festival or medieval reenactment. Stock up on all your costume accessory and hat needs with US toy. We have a wide selection of novelty, career, costume and whimsical hats to suit any occasion. You'll be sure to find the right hat for your next party or costume with US Toy.


Multicolor Stove Pipe Hat

* Rainbow Striped Felt Hat* One size fits most adults* 11 in. tall* Inside circumference measures 23 in.


Construction Helmets/Child

* Child Size* 4 in.tall x 7 in. Diameter* Yellow color only* Ages 3+


Rainbow Stripe Cowboy Hat

* Adult Size* Chin Strap* Crown size 5 in. Tall


Neon Fedoras

* Assorted neon colors* Plastic* Adult Size* Measures 10” W.; Crown: 4 1/4" T.


White Sailor Hat

* One size fits most* 2 1/2 in. Tall* Made of polyester* White* Opening size is approximately 22 1/2 in. circumference* Ages 3+


Propeller Beanies

* Made of plastic* Assorted colors* Elastic chin Strap* Adult Size* 7 in. Wide x 3 in. Tall.* Foil Propeller


Children's Woven Cowgirl Hat with Pink Trim - Value Priced Option

* Child Size* Woven Straw* Pink Trim* White Chin Cord* Ages 3+


Cup Holder Hat

* Made of plastic* One size fits most* Size 5 1/4 in. T* Cup holders for standard size 12 oz cans


Metallic Pink Big Mama Hat

* Adult Size* 17 1/2 in. Across* 5 in. Tall* Metallic Pink Fabric

$4.95 Sale: $1.58

Cowboy Hat

* Adult size* 5 In. Tall* brim is 3 In. Wide* Opening size is 25 In. circumference* Made of felt* Available in pink, white, green, red, black, orange, blue,purple and brown.


Neon Squid Hats

* Size: 16" L. with 15" L. dangling tentacles * 4 assorted neon colors * Made of plush material * One size fits most * Ages 3 yrs.+


Plastic King Crown with Jewels

* Made of plastic* Adjustable size* Decorated with plastic jewels


French Clown Bowler Derby Hat with Daisy

* Felt Hat* Assorted colors* No Color choice available* Daisy flower accent* Adult Size* Pressed felt


Felt Tricorn Hat

* Black Felt* White Trim* Adult Size* 8 in.Wide x 3 in. Tall Crown


Viking Horn Helmet

* Made of plastic* Adult Size* 14 in. Wide x 10 1/2 in. Tall


Striped Train Engineer Hat

* Adjustable strap* 5 in. High x 7 1/2 in. Wide* Inside circumference measures 27 inches* Striped poly cotton fabric* ages 3+


Child's Cowboy Hat

* One size fits most children* Made of woven material with a plastic Sheriff's Star* Crown Size 3 1/2 in. Tall* Comes with a Chin Strap


Nurse Cap

* One size fits most* Made of polyester* Red cross imprint* 11 1/2 in. Wide


Neon Plastic Visors

* Assorted bright neon colors* Made of Plastic* One size fits most* 7 in. Wide* Ages 3+


Jumbo Furry Top Hat

* Red furry fabric* Flame print accent* Adult Size* 7 1/2 in. Tall x 13 1/2 in. Diameter

$7.95 Sale: $2.85

Captain's Yacht Cap

* Adult Size* Crown 3 in. Tall* Polyester hat with plastic bill


Feather Boa

* Made of feathers* 6 Ft. long* Choose from a wide range of solid and dual colors* 35grams* Ages 3+


St Pat's Big Daddy Hat

* Adult Size

$6.95 Sale: $2.16

Cowboy Hat/White

* Adult size* 5 in. Tall* brim is 3 in. Wide* Opening size is 25 in. circumference* Made of felt* Available in many colors, choose from below


St. Pat's Vest

* 27 in. x 15 in.* Tyvek paper* Shamrock design* US Toy Exclusive!* One size fits most adults

$1.95 Sale: $0.46

Crab Hat

* Red crab hat* Made of felt* Pinches and Eyes have wire sewn inside so you can mold them* Velcro fastener* Adult Size* 14 in. tall


Gator Hat

* Adult Size* 17 1/2 in. Long* Made of Soft plush


Monkey Paper Hats

* Size 7 in. T.* Made of sturdy paper* Elastic chin strap* U.S. Toy Exclusive!

$1.39 Sale: $0.40

Flared Furry Zebra Hat

* Green & Black Zebra Print* Furry Trim* Adult Size* Brim 18 in. Across* 9 in. Tall


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