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White Plastic Balls

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White Plastic Balls

These white plastic balls are an economical choice for ping pong ball toss games. Use these balls for bucket toss and other fun Carnival or party games. Although these balls are not gas filled like a regulation ping pong ball, they still produce a nice bounce. 40mm diameter


Plastic Golf Balls

* White plastic golf ball* Hollow on the inside* Light weight* 1 ½" Diameter* Ages 3+


White Bead Necklaces With Whistles

* 32 in. Long* 6MM Beads* Made of plastic* Whistle attachment* no ball in whistle to cause choking hazard* Whistle is 2 in. L* US Toy Exclusive!


Extra Long Mirror Ball Bead Necklaces

* 97 in.Long* 4mm, 7mm, and 13mm beads* Assorted iridescent pink, purple or white* No color choice available* No reground material used!* Plastic* Ages 3+

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