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Lollipop Tree

Any one can play the lollipop tree game and everyone is a winner! It's easy to play and quick to put together. For the game you will need a lollipop tree, lollipops, a marker and some prizes. Count up the number of prizes you have and then mark the same name of lollipop sticks on the bottom with the marker. Then randomly insert the lollipops in the tree. Each person then pulls a lollipop from the tree. Everyone gets to keep the lollipop that they pull but then if the have chosen a lollipop with a colored stick on the bottom then they win a grand prize. The lollipop tree is made of cardboard and measures 17" Diameter at the base and 35" Tall. This is a must have game for your next Carnival or Birthday party. Decorate your lollipop tree for fall festival by painting the bottom 1/3 orange and the middle third yellow. Suddenly your white lollipop tree has turned into a giant candy corn!


Classroom In A Box - Happy Suns

This Classroom in a Box includes the following products: * Happy Suns Sunsational Work Bulletin Board Set * Big Tree with Polka Dot Leaves * Lime Polka Dote Welcome Banner * Lime Polka Dots Border Trim * Happy Suns Nameplates * Happy Suns Name Tags * Happy Suns Welcome Post Cards Sorry, no…


Family Tree Mad Libs

* Ages 8 yrs. + * Over 20 Mad Lib Stories * 48 pages


Palm Tree Inflate

* Made of vinyl* Size 72 in. T.* Green & brown with detailed designs* Ages 3 yrs+


Light Up Ceramic Christmas Tree

* 6 1/4 In. tall* made of ceramic* 3 Button Cell batteries included* Ages 3+

$5.95 Sale: $2.12

Christmas Cookie Cutters/4-Pc

* Average size 3 1/2 in. L.* Made of plastic* Colors: Red & Green* Assorted shapes: Star, Snowmen, Christmas Tree, and Gingerbread Men

$1.95 Sale: $0.59

Mini Tree Frog Toys

* Size 2 1/2 in. L.* Made of plastic


Tree Frog Puffer

* Green color * Size 3 in. Diam body, 4 1/2 in. L with legs


Deluxe Christmas Rings

* Santa, snowman, gift and Christmas tree designs* Made of soft molded plastic* 1 1/2 in. Diameter* US Toy Exclusive* Ages 3+


Rainforest TOOB®

* 11 pc. set * Includes red and blue macaw, red eye tree frog, poison dart frog, caiman, emerald tree boa, toco toucan, iguana, anteater, spider monkey, tapir, and a jaguar * Figures measure from 1.25 to 3.75 inches tall * Ages 3 yrs.+


River Crossing

* Ages 8 to adult * Game Grid * 40 ALL NEW Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert * Hiker * 20 Tree Stumps * 6 Planks * Game-Go Bag


Dough Cutters - 8 Assorted Shapes

* Set of 8 * Shapes include: star, bell, airplane, butterfly, seal, tree, dolphin and truck. * Approx. 3" H.


Christmas Flying Saucers

* Size 6 in. W.* Made of plastic* Assorted designs and colors: Stocking, Santa, Candy Cane, Christmas Trees* U.S. Toy Exlusive!s


Jumpin Monkeys™ Game

* Contents: Deluxe plastic tree, 16 monkeys, 4 catapults, bananas, labels, rules. * 2 to 4 players * Ages 5 and up


Christmas Tattoos

* Temporary Tattoo easily removed with soap and water* FDA Approved* 1 1/2 in. Square* Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Wreath, Santa, Snowman & Stocking designs* US Toy Exclusive !* Ages 3+

$4.95 Sale: $1.44

Christmas Head Bubbles

* Size 2 3/4 in T. and 0.6 oz per piece * Made of plastic * Assorted designs: Christmas Tree, Santa, Snowmen, and Reindeer * U.S. Toy Exclusive! * This is a seasonal item and not stocked year round


Christmas Prism Scopes

* Made of plastic * Faceted plastic at one end creates a prismatic view * 3 Assorted designs include Merry Christmas Message, Christmas tree, and Candy Canes * Size 1 ½” L. * US Toy Exclusive! * This is a seasonal item and not stocked year round


Shrinky Dinks Fantasy Forest

* Includes 3-D display tree, 24 paperboard butterflies, 60 pre-cut ShrinkDinks, 100 sticky gemstones, beads, 8 colored pencils, 10 earring hooks and much more. * 6 yrs.+


Christmas Tree Rubber Punch Balls

* Size 8 3/4 in. L. deflated* Rubber band handle* Christmas tree imprint* U.S. Toy Exlusive!


Adjustable Christmas Sticker Rings-48 Pieces

* Assorted designs include: a stocking, candy cane, Christmas tree and snowflake pattern, Santa Claus, Ginger Bread Cookie man, and a Christmas Tree* Rings are made of plastic* Adjustable Child size rings* Decorative disc is 1 in. Diameter* US Toy Exclusive!* 48 rings per pack


Christmas Rings

* Assorted Christmas Tree, reindeer, snow man, penguin and Santa Claus designs* 3/4 in. Diameter* Made of plastic* US Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3+

$3.95 Sale: $1.36

Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

* 292 pc. set * Includes Queen Elsa and Princess Anna mini-doll figures, plus Olaf the snowman * Features a castle with icicle tree, sleigh, secret staircase, ice cream bar, bed and an ice hill * Ages 6 yrs.+


Christmas Plug Bracelets - 6 Piece

* Made of silicone* Each Bracelet comes with 3 plugs* Plugs can be interchangeable* Designs include Santa Claus, snow flake, snow man, Christmas tree, reindeer and presents* * Bracelet colors include red, green and white* 7 3/4 in. Long* Snaps closed* 2 adjustable positions* 6 bracelets per unit

$6.95 Sale: $2.41

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