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Toy Lizards

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Stretchy Lizard Toys

Stretch this lizard and it pops back into it's original shape. This toy animal figure will make any themed party come alive. Animal figures are fun for any goody bag or as prizes for a school or church carnival.


Lizard Stretchy Toys

* Size 3 1/2 in. L.* Assorted designs* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Lizard Slime

* 1 1/2 in.Tall container* assorted slime colors* 1 in. Plastic Lizard* Ages 3+


Sticky and Stretchy Jumbo Animals

* 8 in. Long* Assorted Snake, frog, lizard and scorpion* Assorted blue, red and green colors* US Toy Exclusive!* Stretchy TPR material with sticky coating* Ages 3 yrs+

$8.95 Sale: $2.93

Mini Toy Lizards

* Size 2 1/2 in. L.* Made of soft plastic* Assorted colors


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