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Toy Compass

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Kids can pretend to find their way with these pretend play compasses. These compasses make fun party favors for a camo or pirate birthday party. Not an actual working compass. Fill party favor loot bags with interesting novelties like these. You'll find a wide selection of novelty toy party favors at affordable prices. Stock up today for loot bags or carnival redemption prizes.


Compass Rings-36 Pieces

* 36 pieces per unit* 2 in. Diameter* Assorted red, pink purple and green colors* Ages 3+* Compasses are toys and not meant for actual orienteering


Magnetic Toy Compasses

* 1 1/2 in. Diameter* Toy; not meant for actual orienteering* Plastic* Ages 3 yrs+


Mini Compasses-36 Pieces

* 1 in. Diameter* Assorted colors* Plastic* Ages 3+* Toy, not meant for actual orienteering* 36 pieces per unit


Pinata Toy Asst/64-Pc

* 64 pieces* Contains: 8 airplanes, 8 paddle games, 8 toy compasses, 8 lip siren whistles, 8 stencils, 8 toy shooters, 8 spin tops, 8 butterfly shooters (may vary)* Average size 2 1/2 in. L.


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