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Stuffed Frog

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Stuffed Animal Frogs

Soft & plush, this stuffed animal frog will croak it's way into your heart. Every carnival or party game needs a great prize. Plush stuffed animals are the ultimate carnival redemption prize. Kids of all ages love to win these furry creatures. So when you plan your next celebration make sure you have a prize for all your games. With our wide selection of plush toys your are sure to find the perfect gift or prize to fit your party theme


Polka Dot Frogs

* 5 in. Long* Assorted red, orange, green and blue colors* Plush material* All ages


Plush Tie Dyed Frogs

* 7 1/2 in. wide* Tie dyed plush f fabrics in rainbow colors* All ages


Small Sitting Stuffed Animal Assortment

* 3 in. Tall* Assortment includes elephant, polar bear, tiger, leopard, frog, penguin, monkey, bunny rabbit, lion and panda bear* Plush material* All Ages.


Plush Hanging Frog

* 14 in. Long from head to toe* Green Plush material* Velcro Palms* All Ages


Plush Spotted Hanging Frogs

* 13 in. Long* Velcro palms* Assorted Green, blue and orange frogs* Plush material* All Ages


Assorted Plush Animals

* Average size 13 in. Tall* Assorted plush animals include frog, panda, duck, elephant, mouse and monkey* Plush material* All Ages


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