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Jumbo Crystal Rings - 24 Piece

This is the perfect ring to dress up any costume or outfit. The oversized ring comes in various cuts. 24 rings per box. Size 1" Diam. Need an idea for an inexpensive party favor bag filler? Jewelry items are a great choice. We have the costume jewelry that will appeal to both boys and girls. Find jewelry suitable for dress up, pretend play or costume accessories.


Pirate Swords with Red Ruby Stone and Gold Hilt

* Plastic sword* Includes sheath* 26 in. Long* Gold metallic plastic hilt with plastic red ruby stone* Ages 3+* Scabbard has a clip to hook onto belt.

$29.59 Sale: $10.50

Organza Butterfly Ring

* Adjustable metal rings* Organza butterfly rings with glitter stones and googly eyes* Assorted colors, no color choice available* One size fits most* 21/4" Wide x 2" Long* Ages 3+



* Approximately 100 pieces * .3 oz bag * Faceted Acrylic stones * Assorted shapes and sizes * Sizes range from 1 /4 in. to 3/4 in. Long. * Ages 4+


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