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Smiley Face Clasp Bracelets

Collect them, trade them, or cover your arms with these smiley face bracelets. These woven bracelets are always in style. Stock up on all your smiley face party supply needs. We have the favors and costume accessories s to keep a smile on your guests at your next Smile face event. Keep the smiles coming with our smiling items.


Smiley Face Maze Puzzles

* Size 2 in. L.* Made of plastic* Assorted designs* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Smile Face Purse Necklaces

* US Toy Exclusive!* Size 31/2 in. Sq.* Nylon Cord is 22 in. L.* Plastic bag* Plastic Zipper Closure* Smile Face Design* Ages 3+

$9.95 Sale: $3.60

Smile Clips/48-Pc

* Size 1 1/2 in. L.* Made of plastic* Assorted colors

$7.95 Sale: $2.85

Bendable Smile Men

* Yellow Smiley face bendables* Made of soft plastic and wire for flexibility* Size 3 in. Tall* Ages 3+


Mini Smiley Face Erasers

* Size 3/4 in. T.* 144 pieces per unit* Assorted styles* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Smiley Face Poppers

* Size 1 1/2 in. Diam.* Assorted colors * Made of flexible plastic


Smiley Face Flex O Shapes

* Assorted colors and Smiley face designs* Made of TPR* Stretchy and Flexible but always return to original shape* 2 1/4 in. Tall.* US Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3+


Smiley Face Tic-Tac-Toe Games

* Size 5 in. Sq.* Made of foam* Each set includes: 10 playing pieces and 1 game board


Smiley Face Temporary Tattoos

* 1 1/2 in. Square* Assorted smiley face designs wearing career hats* Temporary* Washes off with soap and water* Compliant with FDA tests and regulations* US Toy Exclusive* Ages 3+


Smiley Face Pop Ups

* 2 3/4 in. Tall* Assorted color smiley face designs* Plastic* Pops up 2-3 feet* Ages 3+


Smile Puzzle Rings-36 Pieces

* Assorted color plastic rings* Smile face puzzle game* 1 in. Diameter* Ages 3+* US Toy Exclusive!* 36 pieces per unit


Mini Smiley Face Saucers

* Size 3 1/2 in. Diam.* Made of plastic* Assorted colors


Smile Face Puffer/9 inch

* 9 inches wide * Yellow, smile face puffer * Soft spikes in two-tone colors


Smiley Face Lanyards

* 19 in. Long* Made of Fabric with metal clip* Ages 3 yrs+* Smile Face pattern


Mini Smiley Face Mugs

* 1 1/4 in. Tall x 1 in. Diameter * Assorted smiley face designs * Assorted colors * Plastic * Ages 3+


Smile Face Push Point Pencils

* Size 6 in. L.* Assorted colors* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Inflatable Smiley Face Balls

* Made of vinyl* Size 16" Diam* Yellow with black imprint* Ages 3 yrs+


Smiley Face Stress Balls

* Size 2 in. Diam.* Made of foam* Smiley face design


Inflatable Smiley Face Bats

* Made of vinyl* Size 39" L.* Blue with yellow smiley face designs* U.S. Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3 yrs+


Smiley Face Whistles

* Made of hard plastic* Yellow with a variety of smiley face designs* Size 1 1/2 in. L. x 1 1/2 in. T.* U.S. Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3 yrs+


Smiley Face Derbies

* One size fits most adults* Inside circumference is 23 in.* Outside hat dimensions are 10 1/4 in. long x 9 in. Wide x 3 3/4 in. High* 3 Assorted color hats with smiley face designs* Made of plastic


Mini Smiley Face Yo-Yos

* Size 1 1/4 in. Diam.* Made of plastic* Assorted colors


Smiley Face Bracelets

* 8 in. Long Bracelet* Plastic Clasp closure* Made of cotton* Smile Face imprint* Assorted orange, yellow, green and pink colors* Ages 3+


Mini Smiley Face Springs

* Size 1 3/8 in. Diam, 35mm* Made of plastic


Smiley Face Slide Puzzles

* Size 2 3/8 in. Sq.* Made of plastic* Assorted colors and designs* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Smiley Face Folding Fans

* Size 10 in. T. x 9 in. W.* Made of paper with plastic handle


Smiley Face Pen Necklaces

* Pen 5 in. Long (including cap), Necklace approx 24 in. L.* Made of plastic* U.S. Toy Exclusive!* For ages 14 and up


Smiley Face Bubbles/2 oz

* Size 3 1/2 in. T., 2 fl oz.* Made of plastic* Wand inside bottle* Foil covered to reduce leakage* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Smiley Face Kickballs

* Size 2 in. Diam.* Bean filled with vinyl covering* Assorted colors


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