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Saving Bank

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Pirate Treasure Chest Savings Banks

Keep pirate treasure locked up tight with this treasure chest bank. This pirate bank includes a lock and set of keys so you can be sure your booty is safe. These banks make great Pirate party favors. Stock up on all your Pirate party needs with US Toy. We have a wide selection of party favors to please the pirates at your next Pirate party or event. These pirate treasure chest banks also make great carnival redemption prizes.


Translucent Piggy Savings Banks

* 3 1/4 in. Long x 2 1/4 in. Wide x 2 1/2 in. Tall* Pink plastic* Bank opens in half to retrieve money* Ages 3+


Globe Savings Banks

* 3 in.Tall* Earth design* Made of plastic* Base snaps off for coin retrieval* Ages 3+


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