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Safari Animals

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Cartoon Farm Figures

These funny farm animal figures will make a great party decoration or party toy. Each animal features a short, stout body with a large head. Detailed painting.


Wild Animal Finger Puppets

* 3 1/4 in. Wide 4 in. Long* Felt* Assorted wild animal designs including giraffe, zebra, lion, tiger, leopard, and elephant* US Toy Exclusive* Ages 3 yrs+


Animal Print Clasp Bracelets

* 8 in. Long* Plush Fabric* Black Plastic clasp* Assorted leopard, tiger, cheetah animal print designs* Ages 3+


Laydown Wild Animals

* 7 in. long * Lay down position * Assortment includes a lion, tiger & bear * Soft plush material * Partially filled with plastic beans. * All Ages


Safari Animal Print Sunglasses

* Made of plastic* Assorted tiger, zebra, & giraffe styles* Child size* Size 5in. W* *Ages 3 yrs+


Plush Hanging Wild Safari Animals

* 11 in. Tall* Assortment includes tiger, zebra, lion and elephant* Velcro palms* Plush material* All ages


Animal Print Safari Derbies

* One size fits most adults* Inside circumference is 23 in.* Outside hat dimensions are 10 1/4 in. long x 9 in. Wide x 3 3/4 in. High* 3 Assorted tiger, zebra, leopard, and black and white animal prints* Made of plastic


Wild Animal Print Safari Pith Hats

* Made of plastic* adult size* 11 1/2 in. Long x 10 in. Wide* Zebra, Giraffe, and tiger animal print patterns


Wind Up Wild Animals

* 2 in. Tall* Assorted monkey, lion, tiger and elephant* Wind up walking action* Plastic* US Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3+


Plush Big Eyed Animals /4-PC

* 5 1/2" Tall* Monkey, Zebra, Tiger and Giraffe included in the assortment* Large plastic eyes, soft plush fabric* All Ages


Animal Print Springs/1.25 Inch

* Size 1 3/8 in. Diam, 35mm* Made of plastic* Assorted animal print designs: zebra and cheetah* Assorted colors: hot pink, purple, green, and orange


Wild Animal Springs

* Size 1 3/8 in. Diam, 35mm* Made of plastic* Assorted styles


Animal Print Folding Fans

* Size 10 in. T. x 9 in. W.* Made of paper with plastic handle* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Wild Animal Design Whistles

* Made of plastic* Size 2 in.L* Assorted Zebra, Tiger, Giraffe, and Leopard designs* Ages 3 yrs+


Giant Animal Print Tops

* Size 3 5/8 in. W.* Made of wood* Assorted styles: zebra, tiger, and leopard (may vary)


Wiggling Wild Animal Necklaces

* 26 in L black cord* 1 1/2 In. Long Animal Pendant* Body wiggles when shaken* Wiggly eye


Animal Ruler Bookmarks

* Assorted animals: monkey, zebra, giraffe, lion, tiger, and elephant (may vary) * Made of plastic * Size 5 1/4 in L.


Animal Print Pencils

* Size 7 1/2 in. L.* Made of wood* #2 lead* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Animal Print Maracas

* Made of plastic* Assorted Zebra, Giraffe, and Leopard designs* Size 7 in. L* Ages 3 yrs+


Animal Print Slap Bracelets

* Plush Cloth* Tiger, zebra, leopard, cheetah, and Dalmatian print designs* 9 in.L x 1 in. Wide* Metal bracelet with cloth wrap* Ages 3+


Furry Animal Print Purses

* Soft, Plush fabric* Furry Leopard print or tiger print design* Zippered Closure* Lined Interior* Nylon Handles* Size 4 in.W x 3 1/2 in. T.* Handles are 2 1/2 in. T.* Ages 3+

$15.95 Sale: $5.55

Inflatable Animal Print Bats

* Made of vinyl* Size 39" L.* Assorted zebra, leopard, and giraffe prints* U.S. Toy Exclusive* Ages 3 yrs+


Animal Print Bouncy Ball/55mm

* 6 piece set* Made of plastic* Size 55mm, 2 1/4 in. W.* Assorted designs: zebra and leopard (may vary)

$16.95 Sale: $5.81

Animal Print Balls With Tails

* 2" wide ball with 8" L. tail* Animal print designs include leopard, tiger and zebra* Plush material* Balls are filled with plastic beans* All ages


Wild Zoo Animal Temporary Tattoos

* 1 1/2 in. Square* Assorted elephant, giraffe, ape, lioness, hippo and zebra designs* Temporary* Washes off with soap and water* Compliant with FDA tests and regulations* US Toy Exclusive* Ages 3+


Rainbow Animal Print Rubber Bracelets

"* Includes zebra and leopard print in black.* Rainbow silicone bracelet * 2 1/2"" diameter * Stretches to fit most wrists* Ages 3+"


Animal Print Big Daddy Hat

* Comes in Zebra or Leopard Print* No style choice available* Adult Size* 5 1/4 in. Tall x 16 3/4 in. Diameter* Made of polyester

$3.95 Sale: $1.35

Animal Print Push Point Pencils

* Size 6 in. L.* Assorted colors* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Wild Zoo Animal Foam Masks

* 4 assorted styles * Zebra, Giraffe, Lion, and tiger styles * Sizes range from 7 in.Wide to 10 1/4 in. Wide depending on design * EVA foam * Elastic Band * Ages3+ * US Toy Exclusive!


Animal Print Pencil Grips/24 Pc

* Assorted styles (may vary) * Made of soft foam * 24 pieces per pack * Size 1 1/2 in. L.


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