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Growing Reptile Novelty Toys

Get more for your money with a growing novelty toy. These reptiles will grow up to 600% of their original size when immersed in water. They will shrink as they dry out. Fill up party favor loot bags with growing novelty toys to get more toy for less. Looking for party favors or fun novelty toys? These growing toys are uniquely fun. Just add water and watch these toys grow. Kids will enjoy getting these in their party favor loot bags.


Jumbo Reptiles-36 Pcs

* Size 2 in. L.* Assorted colors* Assorted styles


Baby Reptiles

* Size between 1 3/4 in.-3 1/4 in. L.* Made of plastic* Assorted styles: spider, crocodile, snake, turtle, lizard, and frog (may vary)


Life Like Reptiles

* Size 5 in. L.* Made of soft plastic* Assorted colors* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Lizard Stretchy Toys

* Size 3 1/2 in. L.* Assorted designs* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Mini Glow Lizard Toys-36 Pcs

* Size 4 in. L.* Made of plastic* Glow in the dark* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Stretchy Lizard Toys

* Size 6 in. L.* Assorted colors* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Mini Stretchy Animal Lizards-72 Pcs

* Size 2 1/4 in. L.* Assorted colors


Animal X-Rays - 13 pieces

* Includes 13 x-rays * Size 8 in. x 10 in. * Includes reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds * Ages 4+


Mini Toy Lizards

* Size 2 1/2 in. L.* Made of soft plastic* Assorted colors


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