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Red Hat

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Cowboy Hat/Red

Celebrate your school colors with this high quality felt cowboy hats in assorted colors. Showing your school spirit has never been easier with these felt cowboy hats. Available in a wide selection of colors to choose from. Stock up on all your costume accessory and hat needs with US toy. We have a wide selection of novelty, career, costume and whimsical hats to suit any occasion. You'll be sure to find the right hat for your next party or costume with US Toy.


Cowboy Hat

* Adult size* 5 In. Tall* brim is 3 In. Wide* Opening size is 25 In. circumference* Made of felt* Available in pink, white, green, red, black, orange, blue,purple and brown.


Red and White Party Swirl Stove Pipe Top Hat

* Red and White Striped hat* One size fits most adults* 11 in. Tall* Inside circumference measures 23 in.


Red Bandanas

* 100% Polyester* 20 in. Wide x 20 in. Long* Available in black, red, purple, blue, yellow, orange, hot pink, white or green* Ages 3+


Crab Hat

* Red crab hat* Made of felt* Pinches and Eyes have wire sewn inside so you can mold them* Velcro fastener* Adult Size* 14 in. tall


Red Pirate Scarf Cap

* One size fits most adults* opening size is 22 1/2 in. circumference* Nylon knit fabric over felt* White Skull and Cross bones design* Fabric Train 9 1/2 in. Long* Red hat


Fez Hat

* 4 1/2" Tall * Made of felt * Red with black tassel and trim * Ages 3 yrs. +


Renaissance Hat

* Adult Size* Elastic band fits most heads* 10 in. Diameter* Black polyester with gold trim* Red Feather accent


Red Foam Noses

* Red Foam* 2 in. Diameter* Ages 3+


Royal Red King's Crown

* Red flocked plastic* Metallic foil* Glitter & Tinsel* Adult Size* 8 in. Tall*


Royal Red Queen's Crown

* Red flocked plastic* Metallic foil* Glitter & Tinsel* Adult Size* 8 in. Tall*


Red Rose Garland Tiara

* Plastic* Ones size fits most* 6 1/2 in. Diameter

$2.95 Sale: $0.69

Patriotic Stove Pipe Hat

* Red and White striped felt hat with Blue field and white stars* Mimics the American Flag* One size fits most adults* 11 in. tall* Inside circumference measures 23 in.


Red Team Spirit Afro Wig

* One size fits most* Red


Bull Fighter Hat

* Black fabric with red fringe* Adult Size* Crown 3 in. Tall


Jumbo Furry Top Hat

* Red furry fabric* Flame print accent* Adult Size* 7 1/2 in. Tall x 13 1/2 in. Diameter

$7.95 Sale: $2.85

Tall Clown Hat

* 8" Tall * Made of felt * Assorted two-tone colors: red/black and yellow/blue (no color choice available) * Ages 3 yrs. +


Sequin Uncle Sam Hat

* Faux Sequin fabric* Red, White and silver stars and bars* Adult Size* 13 in.Wide x 7 in. Tall


Woven High Crown Cowboy Hat with Bandana Trim

* Woven Cowboy hat* Red bandana trim* Adult Size* Crown 5 1/2 in. Tall


Pirate Swords with Red Ruby Stone and Gold Hilt

* Plastic sword* Includes sheath* 26 in. Long* Gold metallic plastic hilt with plastic red ruby stone* Ages 3+* Scabbard has a clip to hook onto belt.

$29.59 Sale: $10.50

Plastic Patriotic Skimmer Hats

* White Plastic* Red White and Blue Stripe* Adult Size* 3 in. Tall


Plush Beanbag Snowmen

* Filled with pellets and stuffing for a fun textural experience* Assorted red green hats, scarves and mittens* Embroidered buttons* Super soft plush material* Floppy legs and arms* Body size is 6 in. Tall, with legs 8 1/2 in. Tall.


Classroom In A Box - Dr. Seuss

…* Cat in the Hat Blue Deco Trim * Cat in the Hat Welcome Banner * Dr. Seuss Red Deco Letters * Dr. Seuss Extra Wide Yellow Deco Trim * Dr. Seuss Books Mini Bulletin Board Set * Cat in the Hat Teacher Cards * The Cat's Hat Paper Cut Outs * Cat in the Hat Giant Stickers * Cat in the Hat Self Adhesive…


Patriotic Baseball Cap

* Red, white and blue Stars and stripes design* Cloth hat* Adult size* Adjustable


Nurse Cap

* One size fits most* Made of polyester* Red cross imprint* 11 1/2 in. Wide


Toy Firefighter Helmet W/ Visor

* Child Size* Moveable visor* Made of red plastic* 5 1/2 in. Tall


Royal Jester Crown with Jewels and Boa

* One size fits most* 11 in. wide x 8 1/2 in. tall* Black and red plush fabric with black adn red plastic jewels and feather boa trim

$5.49 Sale: $1.73

Economical Firefighter Helmets

* Child Size* 4 1/2 in. Tall x 10 1/2 in. Long* Thin Red Plastic* Fire Chief Sticker* Ages 3+


Toy Firefighter Helmets

* Made of hard plastic* Child size* 4 1/2 in. Tall x 9 1/4 in. Wide x 11 1/2 in. Long* Red color only* Ages 3+


Clown Bow Tie

* 8 in. Wide* White elastic band* Red and white polka dots* Polyester* Ages 3+


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