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Plush Furry Wild Animals

These plush wild animals will melt your heart. Send young explorers on a safari adventure when they hunt and find these wild animals. Every carnival or party game needs a great prize. Plush stuffed animals are the ultimate carnival redemption prize. Kids of all ages love to win these furry creatures. So when you plan your next celebration make sure you have a prize for all your games. With our wide selection of plush toys your are sure to find the perfect gift or prize to fit your party theme


Ninja Plush

* Size: 8" T. * Black & White Plush * All Ages


Plush Furry Farm Animals

* 5 in. Tall* Assortment includes cow, pig, bunny rabbit and dog* Plush material* All ages


Mini Bean Bag Wild Animals

* 4 in. Tall* Assorted panda, elephant, bear and lion* Soft plush material with plastic in.beans in. inside* All Ages


Emoji Clip Plush

* Size: 3" Diam. * 6 assorted designs * Made of plush * Ages 3 yrs.+


Plush Rainbow Swirl Snakes

* Made of super soft polyester fabric with poly fill* Three assorted colors* 11 in. long* All Ages


Plush Big Eyed Animals /4-PC

* 5 1/2" Tall* Monkey, Zebra, Tiger and Giraffe included in the assortment* Large plastic eyes, soft plush fabric* All Ages


Plush Ribbon Animal Assortment

* 4 1/2 in. Tall* Animals have red ribbons around their necks* Assortment includes teddy bears, dogs, pandas, koalas, cats, monkeys, bunnies and more* All Ages


Plush Polka Dot Spiders

* 7 in. Long* Assorted colors include blue, orange and green* Plush material* All Ages


Plush Multicolor Bull Dogs

* 5 1/2 in. Tall* Sitting position* Assorted red, blue, brown, gray, green and purple colors* Plush material* All Ages


Plush Swords

* Size: 14" L. * Assorted bright colors * All Ages * U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Animal Print Slap Bracelets

* Plush Cloth* Tiger, zebra, leopard, cheetah, and Dalmatian print designs* 9 in.L x 1 in. Wide* Metal bracelet with cloth wrap* Ages 3+


Dolphin Stuffed Animals

* 5 in. Long* Assorted blue, black and gray dolphins* Plush material* All Ages


Plush Neon Teddy Bears

* 5 in. Tall* Assorted green, orange, yellow, red, blue and purple* Plush material* All Ages


Fluffy Plush Ribbon Bunnies

* Floppy Legs * Body size is 6 in. Tall * Including legs and ears bunny is 12 in. Tall * Comes with red ribbon * Ultra soft terry cloth looking fabric * All Ages * This is a seasonal item and not stocked year round


Peppermint Candy Plush

* Size: 8 1/2" L. * Made of soft plush material * All Ages


Plush Fancy Dogs

* 9 in. Long* Assorted green, blue and pink* Super soft plush material* All ages


Smiling Lips Plush

* Size: 7 3/4" L. * Assorted red and pink colors * Made of soft plush * All Ages


Donut Plush

* Size: 3 ½" Diam. * Assorted colors * Made of plush * All Ages


Plush Jumbo Flame Snakes

* 49 in. Long* Assorted blue, purple, and orange flame fabric* Soft plush material* All ages


Plush Tie Dyed Snakes

* 13 in. Long* Tie Dyed rainbow plush material* All Ages


Plush Jumbo Realistic Tiger

* Large size 20 Long x 12 in. Tall* Plush Material* All ages


Fuzzy Plush Purses

* Fuzzy Plush Fabric* Zippered Closure* Lined Interior* Size 4 in. W x 3 1/2 in. T.* Handles are 2 1/2 in.T.* Ages 3+

$15.95 Sale: $5.55

Plush Realistic Tigers

* Large size 20 Long x 12 In. Tall* Small size 10 In. Long x 7 In. Tall* Plush Material* All ages


Plush Hanging Wild Jungle Cats

* 18 in. Long* Velcro palms* Assortment includes snow leopard, tiger and lion* Plush material* All ages


Plush Sea Animals

* Average size 4 in. to 10 in. long from head to tail* Assortment of sea life includes Orcas, dolphins, whales, seals, sea turtles, sting rays, lobsters, sharks and walruses* Soft plush material* All ages


Plush Telescopic Eye Aliens/ 3-PC

* 4 1/2" Wide Body* 8" Tall including eyes and legs* 3 Assorted colors: Pink, Green, Orange* All Ages * US Toy Exclusive!


Plush Neon Puppy Dog Bean Bag Animals

* 6 1/2 in. Long from head to tail* Assorted pink, orange, blue, red, purple and green fabric* Plush Fabric* Filled with plastic beans i* All Ages


Plush Psychedelic Turtles

* 8 in. Long* Assorted purple, green and orange* Plush material* All ages


Bright Plush Ducks

* Size: 9" T. * Assorted bright colors * All Ages


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