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Pirate Rings

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Pirate Rubber Rings

Give ye little buccaneers the treasure they seek with these pirate-themed rubber rings. Each with a different pirate symbol, even the fearsome Captain Hook will be envious of this "piratey" bling! Perfect for adults and children alike, everyone will love these party favors and they are the perfect size for goody bags!


Pirate Sticker Rings-48 Pieces

* 1 1/4 in. Diameter* Adjustable child size ring* Plastic with Sticker* Assorted pirate, pirate ship and skull and crossbones designs* 48 rings per pack* Ages 3+* US Toy Exclusive!


Metallic Skull Rings

* 3/4 in. Diameter* Metallic silver plastic* Skull and Crossbones design* Ages 3+


Pirate Temporary Tattoos

* 1 1/2 in. Square* Assorted buried treasure, x marks the sport, skull and crossbones, jolly roger, pirate treasure, and pirate ship designs* Temporary* Washes off with soap and water* Compliant with FDA tests and regulations* US Toy Exclusive* Ages 3+


Compass Rings-36 Pieces

* 36 pieces per unit* 2 in. Diameter* Assorted red, pink purple and green colors* Ages 3+* Compasses are toys and not meant for actual orienteering


Jeweled Eyes Skull Key Chains

* 3 1/4 in. Long including key ring* Skull has assorted color jewel eyes* Ages 3+


Paper Straws / Black

* Size: 7 1/2" L. * Black and white striped * Food safe / FDA tested * Made of paper * Ages 3 yrs. +


Paper Straws / Red

* Size: 7 1/2" L. * Red and white striped * Food safe / FDA tested * Made of paper * Ages 3 yrs. +


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