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Pink Rings

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Pink and Black Rock Star Acrylic Rings

Fun rock star themes design each of these acrylic rings. Fun for any birthday party giveaway. Need an idea for an inexpensive party favor bag filler? Jewelry items are a great choice. We have the costume jewelry that will appeal to both boys and girls. Find jewelry suitable for dress up, pretend play or costume accessories.


Gem Rings

* Plastic rings* Assorted pink, purple, blue, green, orange plastic* Assorted designs* 3/4 in. Diameter* Child Size* 72 pieces per unit* US Toy exclusive* Ages 3+


Butterfly Rings

* Assorted Metallic silver, iridescent pink and purple colors* Butterfly shapes* 1 in. Wide* Plastic* Ages 3+


Neon Wiggle Eyes Rings

* Assorted pink, blue, green and yellow rings* Plastic* Moving goggle eyes* 3/4 in. Diameter* Child Size* Ages 3+


Moustache Rings - 48 Pieces

* Assorted Green, Red, Blue and pink sparkly moustache rings* Adustable ring fits most fingers* 1 1/2 Inch Long mustache* Ages 3+

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Small Crystal Rings

* 3/4 Diameter* Child Size* Plastic* Assorted pink, blue, green and purple colors* Ages 3+


Mini Neon Rings

* 1 in. Diameter* Bright pink, purple, red, orange, blue and green colors* Soft plastic* Child Size* Ages 3+


Large Neon Carnival Rings

* Large rings for carnival games* Neon colors: green, orange, yellow, and pink* Inside dimension 4 1/2 in. Diameter* Outside dimension 5 1/4 in. Diameter* Rings will float* Ages 3+


Rolling Monster Eye Rings

* Stretches to fit most fingers* 1 1/4" Diameter* Sliding eyeball moves when you do* Assorted Neon colors of pink, green, blue, purple, and orange* Ages 3+


Bling Ring Erasers/8 Pc

* Assorted purple and pink colors * 8 pieces per pack * Size 2 in. L.


Paper Straws / Hot Pink

* Size: 7 1/2" L. * Hot Pink and white striped * Food safe / FDA tested * Made of paper * Ages 3 yrs. +


Smile Face Flower Rings-48 Pieces

* Adjustable* Size 1 ½” diam.* Plastic flower rings* Black Smiley Face imprint* Assorted pink, purple, red, orange and green colors* Ages 3+* 48 pieces per unit


Compass Rings-36 Pieces

* 36 pieces per unit* 2 in. Diameter* Assorted red, pink purple and green colors* Ages 3+* Compasses are toys and not meant for actual orienteering


Assorted Glitter Rings-72 Pieces

* Glitter plastic* Assorted blue, yellow, green, pink, purple colors* Assorted heart, star, flower and animal shapes* 5/8 in. Diameter* Child Size* Ages 3+* 72 rings per unit


Glitter Wooly Rings-72 Pieces

* Soft glitter tpr* Assorted pink, purple, blue and yellow colors* 1 in. diameter* US Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3+* 72 pieces per unit


Cross Key chains

* 2 in. Tall plastic cross* Assorted pink, purple, green and orange colors* Plastic cross* Metal key ring* Ages 3+


The Game of Life

* Contents: Game board, 6 Plastic Pawns, Pink and Blue "People" pegs, 1 bridge, Label Sheet, 3 Mountains, 25 LIFE tiles, Banker's tray, 7 Buildings, 24 Spin to Win Tokens, Spin to Win Strip, Deck of 54 Cards, Spinner Base, Ring and Dial, Stack of Play Money, Bank Loan and Pay Raises and Instructions…


Sea Shell Rings

* Assorted yellow, orange, blue, green, purple and pink designs* Real Sea Shell* 3/4 in. Diameter* Ages 3+


Jumbo Colored Diamond Rings

* 1 1/4 in. Diameter* adjustable* Plastic* Assorted clear, blue, red, green, pink and purple plastic diamonds* Ages 3+


Small Neon Carnival Rings

Small rings for carnival games* Neon colors: green, orange, yellow, and pink* Inside dimension 2 1/4 in. Diameter* Outside dimension 2 3/4 in. Diameter* Rings will float* Ages 3+


Smile Hand Clapper Key Chains

3 in. Long* Plastic hand clapper* Assorted pink, purple and green colors* Black smile face imprint* Metal key ring* Ages 3+


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