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Jeweled Princess Magic Wands

Be the princess at your party. This princess wand comes with bright colored jewels. Assorted colors. Size 16" L. Stock up on all your Princess party needs at US Toy. We have the sparkle, bling, glitter, and of course the pink you need to make little princesses happy. With a wide selection of costume accessories and favors we have exactly what a princess needs.


Plastic King Crown with Jewels

* Made of plastic* Adjustable size* Decorated with plastic jewels


Silver Princess Magic Wands

* 9 1/2 to 10 in. Long* Metallic plastic* assorted jewel colors* Ages 3 yrs+


Plastic Queen Crown with Jewels

* Made of plastic* Adjustable size* Decorated with plastic jewels


Royal Jewel Rings

* 1 in. Diameter* Made of plastic with metallic coating* Assorted red, blue, green and orange colors* Adjustable child size ring* ages 3 yrs+


Princess Jewel Rings

* Stretches to fit most fingers* 3/4 in. Diameter* Plastic beads* Ages 3+


Princess Jewel Bracelets

* 2 in. Diameter* Stretches to fit most wrists* 6mm, 10 mm beads and a 24mm diamond bead* Plastic* Transparent pink colors* US Toy Exclusive! * Ages 3+


Crown Sunglasses

* Made of plastic* Features tinted lenses, jewels, and assorted colored frames* Size 5 3/4 in. W.* Ages 3 yrs+


Pirate Jewels

* 2 in.Long* Assorted plastic colors* ages 3+


Pirate Jewels In A Bag - 50 Piece

* 50 assorted color jewels* Plastic* 1 in. Long* Ages 3+


Jeweled Eyes Skull Key Chains

* 3 1/4 in. Long including key ring* Skull has assorted color jewel eyes* Ages 3+


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