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Metallic Pink Big Mama Hat

A fun hat with a lot of flavor. The perfect finishing touch for any retro costume . Stock up on all your costume accessory and hat needs with US toy. We have a wide selection of novelty, career, costume and whimsical hats to suit any occasion. You'll be sure to find the right hat for your next party or costume with US Toy.

$4.95 Sale: $1.58

Plastic King Crown with Jewels

* Made of plastic* Adjustable size* Decorated with plastic jewels


French Clown Bowler Derby Hat with Daisy

* Felt Hat* Assorted colors* No Color choice available* Daisy flower accent* Adult Size* Pressed felt


Felt Tricorn Hat

* Black Felt* White Trim* Adult Size* 8 in.Wide x 3 in. Tall Crown


Children's Woven Cowgirl Hat with Pink Trim - Value Priced Option

* Child Size* Woven Straw* Pink Trim* White Chin Cord* Ages 3+


Viking Horn Helmet

* Made of plastic* Adult Size* 14 in. Wide x 10 1/2 in. Tall


Cowboy Hat

* Adult size* 5 In. Tall* brim is 3 In. Wide* Opening size is 25 In. circumference* Made of felt* Available in pink, white, green, red, black, orange, blue,purple and brown.


Child Size Striped Train Engineer Hat

* Child size* Adjustable strap* 5 in. High x 7 1/2 in. Wide* Inside circumference measures 27 inches* Striped poly cotton fabric* ages 3+


Child's Cowboy Hat

* One size fits most children* Made of woven material with a plastic Sheriff's Star* Crown Size 3 1/2 in. Tall* Comes with a Chin Strap


Nurse Cap

* One size fits most* Made of polyester* Red cross imprint* 11 1/2 in. Wide


Neon Plastic Visors

* Assorted bright neon colors* Made of Plastic* One size fits most* 7 in. Wide* Ages 3+


Jumbo Furry Top Hat

* Red furry fabric* Flame print accent* Adult Size* 7 1/2 in. Tall x 13 1/2 in. Diameter

$7.95 Sale: $2.85

Captain's Yacht Cap

* Adult Size* Crown 3 in. Tall* Polyester hat with plastic bill


Feather Boa

* Made of feathers* 6 Ft. long* Choose from a wide range of solid and dual colors* 35grams* Ages 3+


Cowboy Hat/White

* Adult size* 5 in. Tall* brim is 3 in. Wide* Opening size is 25 in. circumference* Made of felt* Available in many colors, choose from below


St Pat's Big Daddy Hat

* Adult Size

$6.95 Sale: $2.16

Neon Squid Hats

* Size: 16" L. with 15" L. dangling tentacles * 4 assorted neon colors * Made of plush material * One size fits most * Ages 3 yrs.+


St. Pat's Vest

* 27 in. x 15 in.* Tyvek paper* Shamrock design* US Toy Exclusive!* One size fits most adults

$1.95 Sale: $0.46

Crab Hat

* Red crab hat* Made of felt* Pinches and Eyes have wire sewn inside so you can mold them* Velcro fastener* Adult Size* 14 in. tall


Gator Hat

* Adult Size* 17 1/2 in. Long* Made of Soft plush


Monkey Paper Hats

* Size 7 in. T.* Made of sturdy paper* Elastic chin strap* U.S. Toy Exclusive!

$1.39 Sale: $0.40

Flared Furry Zebra Hat

* Green & Black Zebra Print* Furry Trim* Adult Size* Brim 18 in. Across* 9 in. Tall


Natural Beachcomber Hats

* Made of Straw* Natural color* Raw edge for beach bum effect* Adult Size* 12 in. Diameter


Wild Animal Print Safari Pith Hats

* Made of plastic* adult size* 11 1/2 in. Long x 10 in. Wide* Zebra, Giraffe, and tiger animal print patterns


Animal Print Big Daddy Hat

* Comes in Zebra or Leopard Print* No style choice available* Adult Size* 5 1/4 in. Tall x 16 3/4 in. Diameter* Made of polyester

$3.95 Sale: $1.35

Plastic Patriotic Skimmer Hats

* White Plastic* Red White and Blue Stripe* Adult Size* 3 in. Tall


Party Hats

* Size 7 in. T.* Made of sturdy paper* Elastic chin strap* U.S. Toy Exclusive!


Glow In The Dark Knife

* 11 1/4 in. Long* Glow in the Dark blade* Plastic* Ages 3+

$1.29 Sale: $0.41

Neon Fedoras

* Assorted neon colors* Plastic* Adult Size* Measures 10” W.; Crown: 4 1/4" T.


White Chef Hat

* Non woven material* Adult Size* 8 in.Tall* White


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