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Halloween Necklace

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Pumpkin Reflector Necklace

Keep trick or treaters safe this Halloween with a Pumpkin Reflector necklace. Made of plastic, these pumpkin medallions feature an orange reflector that will bounce the light of headlights off kids making them more visible at night. Stock up on all your Halloween party supply needs with US Toy. We have a wide selection of Halloween decorations, party supplies, noisemakers and favors to choose from. Shop our site and make your party a spooktacular night!


Candy Corn Bubble Necklaces

* Container: 3 3/8" L.; Cord: 10 1/2" L. * Made of plastic * Ages 3 yrs.+


Halloween Winner Medals

* Necklace 27 in. L., Medallion 1 1/2 in. Diam.* Made of plastic* Assorted colors* U.S. Toy Exclusive!

$2.95 Sale: $0.68

Antique Finish Skull and Crossbone Party Bead Necklaces

* Assorted Silver and Gold antique finish* Bead shapes are skulls and bones* Made of plastic* 31 in. Long* Ages 3+


Glow Rainbow Necklace/50-Tb

* Size 22 in. L.* 5 color: Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Green* 50 pieces per tube


Candy Necklaces-24 Pieces

* Individually wrapped* 0.6 oz per piece* Candy items are non-returnable. Policy is designed to protect our customers from any possible tampering.


Glow Tri Color Necklaces/50-Tb

* Size 22 in. L.* Tri-color: Green, Red and Blue* 50 pieces per tube


Dracula Medallion Necklace

* Red ribbon is 33 in. Long* Metallic gold medallion with red plastic ruby accent* Pendant is 2 1/4 in. Diameter* Made of plastic* Ages 3+

$1.49 Sale: $0.40

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