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Rap Star Jumbo Dollar Sign Necklace

Create a statement with this Jumbo Dollar Sign Necklace. Made of thin plastic with a poly cotton black cord. Dollar Sign symbol is 10 1/2"L x 6"W. Cord is 15"L. Need an idea for an inexpensive party favor bag filler? Jewelry items are a great choice. We have the costume jewelry that will appeal to both boys and girls. Find jewelry suitable for dress up, pretend play or costume accessories.


Dollar Sign Rings

* 1 in. Long* Metallic silver Plastic* $ Shape* Ages 3+


Metallic Silver Beads with Dollar Sign Pendants

* 32 in.Long* 6mm beads* 2 1/2 in.Long x 1 3/4 in. Wide Dollar Sign Pendant* Metallic silver finish* No reground material used!* Plastic* Ages 3+


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