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Crusader Toy Figures

These Crusader Toy Figures are perfect for pretend play or party favors. Create a unique party themed cake by using these as a cake topper. The economical price of these figurines will help you stay on budget for an party, event or Medieval themed event. Use these to fill loot bags or party favor bags at your next Birthday, classroom party, or other event. Looking for economical ways to fill party favor bags? Then look no further than these Crusader Worker Figures. Stock up on all your party favors, supplies, carnival novelties, small toys and more with US Toy! We have fun and unique toys for all!


Crusader Costume Set

* Plastic* Child Size* Chest Plate armor has adjustable nylon straps* Chest plate size 14 in.Wide x 15 in.Long* Shield 10 1/4 in. Wide x 16 in.Long* Sword 23 in. Long* Helmet child size


Toy Crusader Sword

* 30 in. Long* Plastic* Includes scabbard* Ages 3+


Hot Wheels Monster Jam Assortment

…not available but includes: Afterburner, Backwards Bob, Blacksmith, Blue Thunder, Bulldozer, Captain's Curse, Dragon's Breath, El Toro Loco, Grave Digger, Grave Digger The Legend, Grinder, Crusader, Maximum Destruction, Mohawk Warrior, Monster Mutt, Northern Nightmare, and Son-uva Digger * Ages 3+


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