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Photo Key Chains

Keep your family photo safe and close by on this Photo key chain. Durable clear plastic keeps your photo safe. Holds standard size wallet photo. Everyone needs a key chain. With our wide selection of key chains you'll definitely find the perfect choice to fit your party or event theme. Key chains make great party favor give-aways. So fill party loot bags with a keychain themed to fit your party or event.


Chic Chains Craft Kit

* Ages 8 yrs. + * Each metal chain measures 60" long * Set includes: 4 metal chains, 330 assorted colored pearl-like beads plus wax cord in 4 colors

$29.99 Sale: $15.00

Flashlight Key Chain

* 2 AA Batteries required, sold separately* 3 1/2 in. Long* Made of plastic* Metal Key ring(Ages 3+


Heart and Star Interlocking Chain

* 1 1/2 in.Wide* Assorted hearts and stars* Assorted colors* Plastic* Ages 3 yrs+


Wind Up Chattering Teeth Key Chain

* 1 1/2 in. Long* Wind up action* Plastic* Metal Key ring* Ages 3+


Skateboard Key chains

* Skateboard is 2 in.Long x 7/8 in. Wide* With chain is 3 1/2 in. Long* Colorful foot print stickers on each skateboard* Free wheel* Plastic skateboard* Metal Key ring* Ages 3+

$3.99 Sale: $1.00

Metal Globe Key chains

* 1 in.Diameter* Metal* Globe design* Ages 3+


Personalized Key chains

* Plastic* 3 in. Long* metal Key ring* Stickers included to customize* Ages 3+

$8.95 Sale: $2.86

Disco Ball Key Chains

* 1 1/2 in. Diameter mirror ball* Assorted pink, purple, silver and gold colors* Metallic plastic* Metal Keychain* Ages 3+


Metal Soccer Key chains

* 1 in.Diameter* Metal* Soccer ball design* Ages 3+


Foot Key Chains

4 in. Long* Foam foot print* Metal Key Ring* Ages 3+


Laser Kaleidoscope Key Chains

* 3 1/2 in. Long* Plastic kaleidoscopes with assorted prismatic metallic paper wraps* Silver, green, purple and gold foil colors* Ages 3+


Foam Football Key chains

* Size: 1 1/2" L. football* Foam ball* metal key ring* Ages 3 yrs+


Ducky Key Chains

* 1 3/4 in. long* Yellow Foam ducks* Metal Key ring* Ages 3+


Crayon Key chains

* Made of plastic* crayon is 1 3/4 in. Long* Assorted Red, white, blue, orange and green crayons* Ages 3+


Hollywood Clapboard Key Chains

* 2 1/4 in. Wide* Working Hollywood clapboard,* Magnifying glass inside* Plastic* Metal Key Ring* Ages 3+


Pizza Key Chains

* 1 3/4 in. Long* Pizza design* Plastic* Metal Key Ring* Ages 3 yrs+


Mini Binocular Key Chains

* Functioning binoculars* 1 1/2 in.* Assorted colors* Plastic* Metal Key Ring* US Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3+


Musical Instrument Key Chains

* Average size 4 in. Long* Plastic* Assorted musical instruments include harp, Violin, electric guitar, accordion, saxophone, keyboard, and French horn* US Toy Exclusive* Ages 3+


Fish Lure Key chains

* 3 in. Long* Realistic fishing lure* Made of plastic* Assorted designs* US Toy Exclusive!* Ages 3+


Cross Key chains

* 2 in. Tall plastic cross* Assorted pink, purple, green and orange colors* Plastic cross* Metal key ring* Ages 3+


$100 Bill Key chains

* 4 in. Long* $100 Bill design* Plastic* Metal Key Ring* Ages 3+


Tape Measure Key chains

2 in. Diameter* 2 1/4 in. Long key ring* Tape measure 60 in. or 5'* Press on white button to retract tape* Assorted blue, red, yellow and green colors* Plastic* Metal Key ring* Ages 3+


American Flag Key Chains

* 2 1/2 in. Long* Plastic with American Flag* Metal Key Ring* Ages 3+


Coil Bracelet Whistle Key chains

Size: 3 ¾” L.* Made of plastic* Coil stretches to fit most wrists* Assorted purple, red, green, pink, light blue, and dark blue colors* Ages 3 yrs+


Mini Glitter Notebook Key chains

* Approximately 100 blank pages* Assorted colors (plastic glitter notebook cover)* Snap closure* 4 in. Long including key ring* Ages 3+


Lace Up Sneaker Key chains

3 in. Long* Assorted sneaker colors* Sneakers are canvas with rubber soles and real shoe lace* Metal key ring* ages 3+


Smile Hand Clapper Key Chains

3 in. Long* Plastic hand clapper* Assorted pink, purple and green colors* Black smile face imprint* Metal key ring* Ages 3+


Knitted Mitten Key Chains / 6-pc

* Knitted fabric* 2 1/2 in. Tall* Metal Key ring* Ages 3 yrs.+


Sports Ball Zippered Pouch Key chains

* Football, Baseball, Soccer, and basketball designs* 2 in. Wide* Zippered pouch* unlined* Made from Vinyl* Ages 3+


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