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Classroom In A Box - Dots on Turquoise

Here's the perfect way to get your classroom decorated in one quick, easy step! Our Classroom in a Box features all the necessities to decorate your class for the beginning of school or to change out anytime. All the essentials come shipped in one box for one low price! This set from Creative Teaching Press features the Dots on Turquoise theme and includes bulletin board sets, trimmers, nameplates, and letters. Please visit our store location nearest you for additional products from Creative Teaching Press and the Dots on Turquoise theme.


Giant Magnetic Calendar Set

* Month grid is dry-erasable * Measures 17.5”W x 16”H


Classroom In A Box - Sailing and Fireworks

…Bulletin Board Set * Anchors Border Trim * Red Polka Dots Border Trim * Fireworks Welcome Banner * Anchors Name Plates * Fireworks Calendar Chart * Fireworks Calendar Days * Fireworks Monthly Headers * Anchors Incentive Chart * Fireworks Blank Chart Sorry, no substitutions or additions. These…


Classroom In A Box - Poppin' Patterns

This Classroom in a Box includes the following products: * Poppin' Patterns Dots on Black Apples Border * Poppin' Patterns Calendar Set * Poppin' Patterns Classroom Jobs Mini Bulletin Board Set * Poppin' Patterns Stars 10" Cutouts * Poppin' Patterns Punch Out Letters * Poppin' Patterns Name Plates *…


Classroom In A Box - Boho Birds

This Classroom in a Box includes the following products: * Boho Birds Bulletin Board Set * Boho Birds Calendar Set * Boho Birds Chartlet * Boho Birds Quick Stick Desk Nameplates * Boho Birds Straight Border * Boho Birds 4" Letters * Boho Birds Assorted Cut-Outs Sorry, no substitutions or additions.…


Advent Calendar

* Made of plush

$4.95 Sale: $1.92

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